Voynich Manuscript   Titles

The following graphics show all the Titles as I call them.  The reason that I see these as titles is simple - They are generally centered on the page or right justified (distinctly separated from the normal flow of text). I believe they headline the paragraph preceding them.

The page and line information as well as the Currier transcriptions are from the original Interln.txt file.  You might note some minor differences between the Currier transcriptions and the accompanying 'Voynichese' title.  Most of these are corrections that seemed obvious to me when compared against the photocopy -- i.e. 8AN instead of an 8AM. 

The following exceptions may not be titles as their positions aren't consistent with my general rule for titles above:

Almost all of them appear following a paragraph with the following exceptions:
                41v -- Precedes paragraph
                57v -- Found outside of circle (Could be a label)
                65r -- Found on a page with a single plant (Could be a label)
                66r -- Found above the figure at the bottom of the page (Could be a label)