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I would appreciate any corrections, suggestions, improved descriptions that anyone has time to offer.  The folio numbers were taken from the interln.txt files and all transcriptions available provided the majority of words on this list.  What I was looking for in sorting the labels was a glaring distinction between sections, unfortunately many labels appear on numerous items regardless of context!

The first seven items were either not transcribed or weren't labeled (but should have been IMHO).
The eighth item is the odd writing on the edge of a circle on f69v2.

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F101v2.X.1 10 plants not labeled - 1 headroot /bugroot/bird or crab-root
F89v2.Y.1 plant too faded to read/dark leaves/roots
F72v2.Y.8 Virgo  8th/outer/male?/star with tail/unreadable
F72r2.S.23 Gemini 14th/outer/dressed male? Not labeled
F89v2.X.1 plant dark roots/dark round leaves/not labeled
F99r.X.0 plant category?/labels on lid and container faded
F102v2.X.1 plant/light roots/stem/label faded at edge of page
oooooooool ar ....s..r... F69v2  outside edge of circle
*ara (*ary) F88r.m.3  3 leaves (of oram)
*kar araly F71v.31.8 taurus lt  outer (From Jorge's list)
*t**y F89v2.b.3  plant (From Jorge's list)
adairchdy aiin F68v2.R.9  radius at 8:30 (From Jorge's list)
adairy F86r4.X3.3  UC 3rd interior word
ai ain F73v.X.3 Sagittarius  3rd/inner
aiinod F72v1.Y.10 Libra  10th/outer
aiky F102v2.X.2  plant/dark roots/light stem
ainaly F72r2.3.8 Gemini  8th/inner/no barrel
air aim F72v2.Y.4 Virgo 4th/outer/star with tail
alaiin F82r.X.1 nymph
alcphy F71v.S1.5 Taurus lt 6th/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed
alkaldy F57v.Y.4 direction? west
alolary F83v.X.5 large bulb? Or nymph beside her
aloly F99r.X.2 root light
anvd.l F86r4.Z4.4 sprouting? Toward MC from BR
ar F73r.X.9 Scorpio 9th/inner/star with tail
araiin F72v2.X.11 Virgo 11th/inner
aral F72r3.X.7 Cancer 7th/inner/3rd star with tail
aralarar F57vY.1 direction? north
aralkam F72r3.Y.2 Cancer 2nd/middle/5th star with tail
ararchodaiin F89r1.t.5 plant/large twotone root/light leaf
arary F72r2.S.22 Gemini 13th/outer/dressed female
archedal F77v (part of tube) 
arol F99v.X.1 root/dark
arom F101v2.X.2 plant/dark leaves/stem/roots
ary F99v.X.2 root/dark/light leaf
ary F73v... Sagittarius 2nd/outer/first two characters overlap
atakal F89r2.b.2 plant? a under stem of t (Jorge's list)
atalsy F89r2.b.3 plant? faint (Jorge's list)
cfhedain F86r4.Z5.1 road btwn BM/BL
cfhhy F86r4.X5.3 NE extension to UR circle; sector #2
chalsain F100r.m.2 plant/dark leaves on left side of stem only
char alef F72r1.S.11 Taurus dark 6th/outer/no barrel
char arom {oroj/orol} F71v.S1.1 Taurus light 2nd/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed
chckhey F70v2.S1.9 Pisces 10th/outer/vertic.barrel/male-beard
chcphy F68r3.X.7 3 stars near Pleiades
chcthhy F72v3.X.4 Leo 4th/inner
chdaiir dainy F72r1.S.7 Taurus dark 2nd/outer/no barrel
chdy F86r4.Y2.4 MC 4th interior word top
chdy F73r.Y.13 Scorpio 13th/outer
cheal F72v3.Y.15 Leo 15th/outer/male?
cheary F71r.S.13 Aries Light 9th/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed
ched F73v.X.1 Sagittarius 1st/inner
chefy F73r.X.6 Scorpio 6th/inner
cheocthy F88v.t.2 plant /2 dark roots/dark leaves
cheody F89r2.m2.4 plant? (Jorge's list)
cheody F89v2.X.2 plant light roots/dark leaf
cheoekry F72v2.Y.7 Virgo 7th/outer/male?/star with tail
cheoepy F72v1.Y.19 Libra 19th/outer
cheoldy F72v2.Y.18 Virgo 18th/outer
cheor F102v2.X.3 plant?/dark leaf with heads?
cheo rol F68r2.S.8 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
cheosam F67r1.S.8 Circle sector
cheosdy F88v.m.3 plant /alternating light/dark roots/dark flower
cheosy F72v2.X.8 Virgo 8th/inner
ches aroshol F100r.t.1 plant (Jorge's list)
chetal F68v2.8 follows star
cheys F89v2.X.3 plant dark roots with light edge/dark leaves
cheys F89r2.m2.3 plant? (Jorge's list)
chfaly F71v.S1.2 Taurus/light 3rd/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed
chkeedy F86r4.Y1.5 ML 5th of 8 points within circle
chky yky F68r3.X.8 3 stars near Pleiades
cho*a* F89v2.t.6 plant (Jorge's list)
cho r olekor F99v.X.3 root dark
chocfhy F68r1.S.1 29 stars (Sun over moon)
chockhhy F99r.X.3 root light/stripes
chockhoy F100r.b.2 plant /higher (Jorge's list)
chockhy F73r.Z.2 Scorpio 2nd not in circle
chodal F68v2.X.4 sector #4/6, inside star
chodalg F67r2.X.5 below moon 5/12
chodar F68r2s22  24 stars (Moon over sun)
chody F73v.Z.4 Sagittarius 4th not in circle
choeesy F89v2.t.1 container /plant category?
chofary F100r.t.4 plant dark leaves
choity F100r.m.3 plant (Jorge's list)
chokaro F89v2.t.4 plant dark roots, light twigs
choky F99r.X.4 root striped
chol F68r2.S.19 24 stars (Moon over sun) (Jorge's List)
cholar F68r2.S.11 24 stars (Moon over sun)
chol ches F89r1.m.1 plant large striped root, dark leaf
chols F100v.B.2 plant - light flower, dark leaves/root
cholshdy F71v.S2.5 Taurus light 1st inner/vertical barrel/dressed
chor F102v2.X.4 plant dark leaf
choram F100r.m.4 plant (Jorge's list)
chosan F72r2.S.6 Gemini 6th/inner/no barrel
chos aroshol F100r.t.1 plant dark bulbs
chos cthoral F100v.B.13 plant - very large dark leaft/light roots
chotam F89v2.t.6 plant dark roots, leaves
choteey dariiir F68v2.R.12 radius at 11:30 (Jorge's List)
chpair ain F86r4.Y1.6 ML in circle, point#6
chtarol F83r.X.1 Nymph or left side of tube
chtedy F89v2.b.3 plant dark roots, flowers, faded picture
cpheor F88v.t.3 plant dark roots, dark leaves
cphocthy F68r1.S.2 star, 29 stars (Sun over Moon)
cthedy F73r.Y.5 Scorpio outer #5
daiiino F99v.X.4 root light, dark shading
daiin chefy F72v3.Y.13 Leo Outer #13, male
daiin oty F82v.X.1 pool, reservoir, organ?
daiiny F86r4.X3.9 UC interior - word #9
daiir F84r.X.6 nymph, #6, in vat below (grapes?)
daiisaly F102v2.X.5 plant dark leaves, light pedals & stem, dark roots
daindy F86r4.Y3.11 MC interior bottom, word #11
daineky F89v2.b.4 plant faded, dark roots & flowers
dainy F75r.L.7 nymph
dairol F57v.T.1 outside circle
dairpchety dy F68v1.X.1
dakock (dakocth) F100r.m.5 plant dark leaves
dal F75v.L1.14 nymph, center pod, under spout #7 bottom line
dalam F67v2s1.1
dalary F67r1.S.12 circle sector
dalchsody F67r2.L.7 planet? moon 11 dark coloured; Mars?
daldar F86r4.X7.1 road? between UL/ML bottom
dal dy F75v.L1.5 nymph, center pod, under spout #3, top line
daldy F75v.L1.15 nymph, center pod, under spout #8 top line
dalkar F75v.L1.7 nymph, center pod, under spout #4 top line
dal shd (dalshd) F75v.L1.6 nymph, center pod, under spout#3, bottom line
dalshey F73r.Y.14 Scorpio outer#14
dalsy F100v.B.9 plant, dark & light flowers on two levels, light stem
daly F66r.L.6 item?
daly F99r.X.5 root, dark center line
dam F99r.X.6 plant? light/hairy roots, dark leaf
damaiim. F67v1.X.1 ?
dar F99v.X.5 root light. dark at base of stem
dar F99r.X.8 root light
daral F86r4.Y2.1 MC interior, top word#1
daraldy F86r4.X2.1 road? with tower between UL/UC adjacent space - inside
darall F68r3.X.9 4 stars near Pleiades
dar aloifhy F78r.X.3 tube where two streams meet
daramdal F88v.b.0 Container/plant category?
darar F99r.X.7 root dark
darardar F88v.b.3 plant multiple roots mostly light coloured, dark leaves
darary F82r.X.2 flow? waterfall?
darchdar F77r.X.1 nymph in tube
darchdy F86r4.Z2.1 road between MR/BR adjacent space inside
darcheor F89v2.t.3 plant - dark roots, light leaves, 1st two letters faded
darichkalal  F67v1.X.2 ?
darol F75v.L1.4 nymph, center pod under spout #2 bottom line
darol F82r.X.3 flow? river?
darolsy F83r.X.2 flow? spray? seeds?
dar shes shokey F68v1.X.2
darshod(y) F89v1.t.4 plant dark roots weith claws, dark leaves.
dary F66r.L.4
dary F75v.L1.13 nymph center pod, under spout #7, top line
dchal daim F68v2.Y.5 starred sector #5, around trees?
dchdy F77r.X.6 part of tube
dchdy F100v.B.8 plant - dark leaves, stems and roots
dchedaly F78r.X.4 filter? before liquid enters vat with nymphs - organ?
dcheeor ochepalain F67v2.L4.1 eclipse, north from central square (Jorge's list)
dcheoekal F67v1.X.3
dcheoldy F68r2.S.13 24 stars Moon over Sun
dchodar F67r2.X.12 below moon 12/12, no label above
dchodar. F67v1.X.4
dchol F68r2.S.5 24 stars Moon over Sun
dcholday F68r3.X.3 1 star near Pleiades
ddary F86r4.Y3.9 MC interior, bottom word #9
ddl F86r4.Y3.5 MC interior, bottom word #5
d dl (ddl) F86r4.Z1.1 road? between ML/BL eastern point
ddsschx F86r4.X7.3 road? between UL/ML middle
d dy (ddy) F86r4.Z1.3 road? between ML/BL southern point
dly (dla) F75v.L1.9 nymph center pod under spout #5, top line
doary F68r3.X.1 Pleiades
docfhhy F86r4.X3.8 UC interior, word #8
dody F86r4.Y3.12 MC interior, bottom word#12
dokol F75v.L1.3 nymph center pod, under spout #2, top line
dokor F100v.T.1 plant? (Jorge's list)
dokor F101v1.R1.1 plant - dark fuzzy root, dark leaves, faded picture
dolararm F70v2.32.6 Pisces 'rm' combined, inner #4, horizontal barrel
dolary F101v1.R2.3 plant - two dark bulbs? dark stem
dolchedy F68r1.S.3 29 stars Sun over Moon
dolchsody F67r2.L.7 planet? moon 11/12 dark coloured; Mars?
doldam F99v.X.6 root light, dark shading?
dolol F82r.X.4 nymph?
dolory F100v.M.3 plant? (Jorge's list)
doly F66r.L.11 (Jorge's list)
doly F89v2.X.4 plant - dark roots and striped leaves
doly F89r2.t.2 plant? (Jorge's list)
dotedy F77r.X.8 nymph in tube
dshedy F84r.X.12 nymph #12 in vat below grapes?
dtedg F86r4.Y3.5 MC interior bottom word #6
dxar F86r4.X3.2 UC interior, word#2
dykchal F100v.B.12 plant, dark leaves light roots
dyly F66r.L.11 (Jorge's list)
dymainan (dydariin) F89v2.m.3 plant dark leaves, light flowers and leaf
dytoly F101v1.R2.1 plant - 3 leaves (2 dark around 1 light)
eeodaraii.y F68r2.S.6 (Jorge's list)
eeolchee F89r1.m.1 (Jorge's list)
ekeeey .ekeedy F67v2.L5.1 eclipse, label on line NW (Jorge's list)
epar F80r.X.5 nymph #5, facing right on tub
etar ar aly F71v.S1.8 Taurus Light outer#9, vertical barrel
fary F66r.L.8 (Jorge's list)
ilkeeepol yypchy F68v2.R.11 radius at 10:30 (Jorge's list)
kaleearol F99v.X.7 plant - large dark roots and flower
kar F73r.X.10 Scorpio inner #10
kochardy F67v1.X.5
koeeorain F89v1.b.1 container/plant category
koldarod F102r2.X.1 plant - enormous dark roots, bulb and stem
korainy F89v2.X.5 container/plant category?
korain y F89r2.m2.1 plant? (Jorge's list)
laly F72v3.X.5 Leo inner #5
lchy F75v.L1.12 nymph center pod, under spout #6, bottom line
lepcheky F86r4.Z1.6 road? between ML/BL adjacent space, outside
lkal F84r.X.9 nymph #9 in vat below grapes?
loltedy F86r4.Z3.7 BL interior, word#7
loly F84r.X.5 nymph #5 in vat below grapes?
losalody F102v2.X.6 plant dark leaf and roots, light stems
lyshalg F86r4.Z6.1 road? between BM BR, adjacent space inside
shedeky Virgo (9th/outer)
o cThyd F68r3 4 stars near Pleiades Libra (9th/outer)
o.csaiin Leo (9th/inner)
oar alys F69v3 (13th of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
oarar F99r1 (roots/dark)
oaiin ar ary Taurus/d(3rd/outer/no barrel/male frontal)
oalcheg Aries/d(6th/outer/vertic.barrel)
oalcheol F68r3 tail near Pleiades
oalo F99r1 (roots/dark)
or. F101v (plant/light flowers/stem/dark root)
orar F102v (plant/dark leaf)
orar F101v (plant/dark leaves/roots/light stem)
or abo F100r1 (plant/dark leaves)
orary Cancer (10th/middle/star with tail)
oro ain F99r1 (roots/light)
orarol F86r (5 tubes between UL/MC)
oraram F101v (plant/one large dark leaf/light stem/dark roots)
oraiinam Cancer (4th/outer/male?)
oraiiny Sagitarius (10th/outer)
orald F88r red root, yellow stem/twigs
oram F88r  yellow stem, yellow-brown roots (leaves see *ary)
orchey Leo (3rd/outer)
orol F100r1 (plant/root of plant?/light)
orol dain F82r (tube)
or shekaar F84r (2nd nymph in vat below grapes?)
or daiin F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
ory Cancer (5th/middle/star with tail)
ocFshy Libra (6th/outer(or possibly the queen))
ochary F68r2s4 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
ochol sharam Taurus/d(10th/outer/no barrel)
ocKheo sam F67v1
ocKhol Virgo (2nd/inner)
ocKhy F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
ocKhys F67r2 (below moon 7/12 no label above)
ocPhy F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
ocsesy Virgo (5th/outer/star with tail)
ocThey F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
ocTho Cancer (6th/inner/2nd star with tail)
ocThy Libra (2nd/outer)
oda F86r (BL northwest area)
odab F101v (plant/one large dark flower? With light pedals/stem)
odady F86r (ML 7th of 8 points within circle)
odair chol F68r2s18/19 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
odair an Leo (7th/inner/decorative crown)
odaiin F68r2s3 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
odal F86r (MC 5th interior word top)
odalydary F102r (plant/enormous roots/logs?/light stem)
odamy Libra (11th/outer)
odees Sagitarius (1st/outer)
odchecThy F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
odcheody F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
odory F89v3 (plant category?/container)
oeeaty Libra (1st/outer)
oeedaly Virgo (7th/inner/carpet?)
oeedy Virgo (3rd/inner/star with tail)
oeedy Leo (6th/inner)
oeedey Virgo (1st/outer/male?/star with tail)
oeeeos Libra (17th/outer)
oeees Libra (5th/outer)
oeeesaiin Cancer (4th/middle/male?)
oeeesary F99v1 (roots/light)
oeeo daiin Virgo (2nd/outer/male?)
oeeodaiin Cancer (10th/outer/star with tail)
oeeody Libra (9th/inner)
oeeoly Libra (1st/inner)
oees Libra (7th/outer/possibly the queen character)
oeesy F69v3 (2nd of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
oeey Libra (5th/inner)
oekey F99r1 (roots/dark)
of.. sheesaly Cancer (7th/middle)
of.l Leo (11th/inner)
ofaifom Taurus/l(2nd/inner/vertic.barrel/dressed)
ofaiin Scorpio (15th/outer)
ofain F86r (UC 5th interior word)
ofakal F89v3 (plant dark root/dark leaf)
ofalals Leo (11th/outer/star with tail)
ofaldo F88r eight long yellow roots with bumps, 4 yellow stems with green leaves
ofals Sagitarius (4th/outer/male?)
ofar oeoldan F67r2 (moon5/light coloured)
ofaraiin F86r (BC western 1st word)
ofaralar Taurus/d(1st/inner/vertic.barrel/dressed)
ofary F86r (UC 6th interior word)
ofchdamy Gemini (1st/not in circle/carpet)
ofcheeey Virgo (9th/inner)
ofcheesy Sagitarius (9th/outer)
ofcheor F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
ofcheody F68r2s16 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
ofchosam F89v3 (plant dark roots/flowers/grassy at base of stem)
ofedy F86r (UC 7th interior word)
oforain F89v3 (plant dark roots/dark circular leaf?)
ofsholdy Cancer (11th/outer)
ofyskydal F88r (plant category? container - layers from top to bottom separated by white: Green, Yellow, Green, Red, Red-brown,Yellow-brown, Green, Green, Yellow)
oiinar F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
oiiny Libra (4th/inner)
ok..lar F86r (BC western 2nd word)
okar F82r (nymph with object? behind her back)
okar F80r (small nymph in top corner?)
okar F99r1 (roots/light)
okar F86r (NE extension to UR circle one of 3 sectors)
okard F69v2 (5th of six sectors inside star)
okaro F80r (4th nymph/facing left)
okar oedody F86r (next to UR/ sandbank? on eastern side)
okary Leo (8th/inner/star with tail)
okary Pisces(18th/outer/vertic.barrel)
okar y F99r1 (roots/light)
okar al F78r (2nd vat with 8 nymphs and some stones/eggs? bottom left)
okar amal F86r (BL southwest area)
okaram Pisces(5th/horiz.barrel/facing left)
okar cham Gemini (9th/inner/no barrel)
okaraiin Taurus/l(8th/outer/vertic.barrel)
okaraldy F89v1 (plant category?/container)
okaram Gemini (3rd/not in circle)
okaramog F99r1 (plant category?/label on container lid/(all roots follow))
okarchy F83v (end of large bulb? Or nymph beside it)
okary F99r1 (roots/light)
okary F68r3 2 stars near Pleiades
okadar F67r2 (below moon 10/12 no label above)
okaiin F83v (bottom of tube? Or nymph above it)
okaiin Virgo (1st/inner/male?)
okaiin F88v (plant /multiple light roots/large dark leaves)
okaiin dan F89r1 (plant/large striped root - mostly dark)
okaim F89v2 (plant dark roots/leaves faded)
okain yorain F89v3 (plant category?/container)
okain am F67r2 (moon3/dark coloured)
okain olkal F81v (large vat with 16 nymphs)
okain gkal F77v (part of tube)
okain F82v (nymph in a barrel)
okairamy F82r (nymph)
okaircham Gemini (9th/outer/no barrel)
okairy Gemini (4th/not in circle)
okal F82v (nymph)
okal Libra (15th/outer)
okal Gemini (3rd/outer/no barrel)
okal F84r (funnel for water? Into vat with 12 nymphs or 1st nymph)
okal Sagitarius (1st/not in circle/carpet?)
okal Sagitarius (4th/inner)
okal F82r (nymph)
okal Gemini (5th/outer/male)
okal F67r2 (moon1/dark coloured)
okalair Cancer (9th/middle/star with tail)
okalair Libra (8th/inner)
okal ary  F67v1
okalal Aries/d(4th/outer/vertic.barrel)
okalam Taurus/d(4th/outer/no barrel)
okalar Gemini (2nd/outer/no barrel)
okalchy F82v (nymph under a funnel?)
okaldy Gemini (5th/inner/no barrel)
okaldy Leo (18th/outer)
okaldy F82r (nymph)
okalo F77v (part of tube or nymph in tube)
okalo F80r (2nd nymph/facing left)
okalo F80r (3rd nymph/facing left)
okalshedy F80r (7th nymph/facing left)
okaly Leo (9th/outer)
okaly Gemini (12th/outer/3rd carpet/dressed/male?)
okaly Pisces(4th/outer/vertic.barrel)
okaly Gemini (4th/outer/no barrel)
okaly Leo (17th/outer)
okalyd F88v (plant category?/containter)
okam Gemini (3rd/inner/no barrel)
okan F80r (8th nymph/facing left)
okchdarar F86r (inside circle/flower? UL)
okchdldyo F78r (grapes? upper left)
okchdy kary .drain.. F86r (only words inside MR)
okchdy F83v (top of tube? Or nymph below it)
okchdy F78r (grapes? upper right)
okcheor F100v1 (plant/dark leaves/light stem/dark base/light roots)
okcheys F69v3 (13th of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
okchody Scorpio (3rd/inner/star with tail)
okchody F68r3 4 stars near Pleiades
okchody Libra (14th/outer)
okchor F68r2s8 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
okchos am F67v2f1.1 (SE four faces in series in L shape)
okchshy F89r1 (plant category?/container)
okchy daldy F69v2 (7th of nine sectors surrounding trees? with star)
okchy F86r (ML 4th of 8 points within circle)
okeal F69v3 (4th of 14 long logs in circle around 8 point star)
okealy Leo (1st/outer)
okear F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
okechdarol F68v1
okechy F99v1 (plant category?/container)
okedal Scorpio (12th/outer)
okedal F82v (in between two rainbows or stems/bottom of page)
okedar F82v (above 1st rainbow or stem/bottom of page)
okedshs F86r (BL 3rd interior word)
okedy F102v (plant/light leaves/light bulb/stripes on root?)
okedy F84r (4th nymph in vat below grapes?)
okedy F86r (BL 6th interior word)
okedy Libra (6th/inner)
okeealy Libra (8th/outer)
okeechor F68r2s24 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
okeedy Scorpio (7th/outer)
okeed. Sagitarius (7th/inner)
okeedy Scorpio (3rd/outer)
okeeeody F68r2s12 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
okeeo raiin F102v (plant/dark leaves/light stems/light roots)
okeeodal F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
okeeog Virgo (5th/inner/male?/star with tail?)
okeeol Leo (16th/outer)
okeeos F100r1 (plant/dark leaves/flowers?)
okeer Pisces(16th/outer/vertic.barrel)
okeey ary Gemini (6th/outer/no barrel)
okeey chek chekeys F68v1
okeey sar F69v3 (14th of 14 short logs in circle around 8 point star)
okeey Scorpio (6th/outer/star with tail)
okeey Libra (3rd/inner)
okeey sar F67r1s11
okeeyary Taurus/d(4th/inner/vertic.barrel)
okeeydy F69v3 (10th of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
okeo dy F69v3 (14th of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
okeoaly Aries/l(6th/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
okeod F69v3 (11th of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
okeod F69v3 (7th of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
okeod F69v3 (5th of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
okeodar F99v1 (roots/dark)
okeody F69v3 (12th of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
okeody Virgo (14th/outer)
okeody F102v (plant/light square roots with thorns?/picture faded)
okeody F102v (plant/dark leaf/roots/light stem)
okeody F69v2 (1st of six sectors inside star)
okeody Sagitarius (15th/outer)
okeoky F82v (upper left 1st rainbow or stem/bottom of page)
okeol sal F67r1s10
okeol Libra (10th/inner)
okeolar Gemini (5th/not in circle)
okeoldy Virgo (15th/outer)
okeoly Pisces(14th/outer/vertic.barrel)
okeoly F99r1 (roots/light with dark spot)
okeoly Libra (4th/outer)
okeoram Virgo (3rd/outer)
okeorar Virgo (12th/inner)
okeos Sagitarius (12th/outer)
okeosy Virgo (6th/outer/star with tail)
okeou Scorpio (1st/inner)
okey Leo (5th/outer/star with tail)
okeyd F69v3 (11th of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
oklairdy Gemini (2nd/not in circle)
okldam Aries/l(3rd/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
oko F86r (UC 10th interior word)
okoaly F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
okobal F67v2s2.1
okoboeey F102v (plant?/dark leaf)
okory F86r (UC 1st interior word)
okocKhy F102v (plant/dark leaves?flowers/light pedals?/stem/dark roots)
okodchy F69v3 (12th of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
okody F86r (outside space above road? Between UC/UR)
okody F69v3 (3rd of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
okody F86r (ML 8th of 8 points within circle)
okody Pisces(8th/outer/vertic.barrel)
okoey Aries/d(1st/inner/vertic.barrel/striped tail on star)
okol F101v (plant/one large dark leaf)
okol F88r plant - yellow-brown root, red-brown base of stem,yellow stem, green spotted leaf leading to acorns?
okolar F69v3 (8th of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
okolaldy  F67v1
okolchy F68r3 3 stars near Pleiades
okolcsy Aries/d(8th/outer/vertic.barrel)
okoldy F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
okolky F102v (label on bottom of container)
okolo F99r1 (roots/dark)
okols F100r1 (plant/light roots/dark flowers with white trim)
okolshy F84r (10th nymph in vat below grapes?)
okos F68r3 2 stars near Pleiades
okos F99r1 (roots/light with spots)
okshd chos F89v3 (plant light roots/dark leaf/flower with light kernals?)
okshor F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
oky Scorpio (5th/inner)
oky F99r1 (roots/dark)
oky Leo (3rd/inner)
oky Sagitarius (2nd/inner)
oky F99r1 (roots/light)
oky amy Pisces(2nd/outer/vertic.barrel)
okyd Gemini (15th/outer/possible male)
okydy Libra (2nd/inner)
okydy Pisces(15th/outer/vertic.barrel)
okyeeshy Leo (7th/outer)
okyldyl Pisces(8th/horiz.barrel/facing left)
olarain F101v (plant/dark leaves/root/light stem)
olaiin olaiKhy Cancer (11th/middle)
olalsy Cancer (3rd/outer/male?/right hand holding ring?/star with tail)
olcheesey F68r2s7 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
olcheom F100r1 (plant/light roots/dark stem and flower)
olchey F80r (1st nymph with a keyring?/facing left)
oldam F89r1 (plant/light coloured root/dark leaves/stem)
oldar F88r red-brown roots, two yellow stems/twigs
oldy F99v1 (roots/dark)
oleoedan F77v (part of tube/last two characters combined)
oletal Cancer (1st/inner)
olfsheoral Cancer (1st/middle/facing left/male?/4th? star with tail)
olkalaiin Cancer (2nd/outer/male?/star with tail)
olkar Virgo (6th/inner)
olkchs F77r (part of tube)
olkeedal F57v (nymph? southern side facing away)
olkeedy F82v (nymph)
olkeedal F77v (part of tube)
olkol F82v (nymph)
olkor F101v (plant/dark flowers?/light pedals?/light stem/root)
olky F99v1 (roots/dark)
olky F80r (6th nymph with a towel?/facing left)
olkyky F82r (nymph)
olo? ofaiin Leo (8th/outer/'l' above the 2nd 'o'?)
olor F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
olrodar F102v (plant/dark flower? With heads?)
ols F86r (MC 1st interior word bottom)
ols aiiny F67v1
olsaiin F83r (right side of tube or nymph beside it)
olsy F99v1 (roots/dark)
olshy F84r (7th nymph in vat below grapes?)
opar F86r (UC 4th interior word)
opar F86r (MC 2nd interior word top)
oparairdly F57v (nymph? eastern side facing forward/round object)
opab ykchy  F69v2 (2nd of nine sectors surrounding trees? with star)
opardy F86r (outside space next to road? between UL/ML)
opaiiinainal yes Cancer (7th/outer/star with tail)
opaiiino F86r (ML 2nd of 8 points within circle)
opaiinar Virgo (17th/outer)
opair ofalcFhy F86r (suspect/ road? between UC/UR closest to castle)
opalar am dan Taurus/l(10th/outer/vertic.barrel/partdress)
opalal Cancer (2nd/inner)
opalar ar Taurus/l(1st/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
opalg Virgo (4th/inner/no star)
opaloiiry F89v2 (plant category?/container)
opalsar Aries/l(8th/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
opcharoiin F89v3 (large plant light roots/dark leaves)
opchaldg F68v3 (Nebula page)
opchdar F86r (BL north)
opchdard F102v (plant/dark leaf/roots/light stems/each root has split end)
opchdy F86r (BL west)
opchdysd Virgo (11th/outer)
opchees F86r (MC 3rd interior word top)
opcheor F89v3 (plant long dark root/dark leaves)
opchesdey F89v2 (plant large dark roots/flowers)
opchey sal Aries/d(2nd/outer/vertic.barrel)
opcholdy F67r2 (moon4/light coloured)
opchor F100v1 (plant/dark leaves/light roots)
opchy F102v (plant/dark leaves/light stem)
opchytch. F102v (plant/light flowers?/stem/roots)
opdar am F86r (BL 1st interior word)
opdam F86r (MC 8th interior word bottom)
opedam F86r (BL 8th interior word)
opeear F82r (nymph)
opeor daly F86r (inside UR circle next to southern tower)
opeol daly F86r (UR inside by southern tower)
opey F86r (MC 7th interior word bottom)
opocPhar F68r2s20 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
opodchdal F86r (outside space next to road? Between MR/BR)
opokchor ody F86r (inside space next to road? between UC/UR)
opol olaiin F89v1 (plant large light roots/dark shading?/dark inside flower)
opoldaiin F89v1 (plant dark roots/dark round flowers)
opshedaiin F86r (inside space next to road? Between UR/MR)
opy F86r (MC 6th interior word top)
opydch F86r (MC 3rd interior word bottom has 'l' connecting final cc)
opys am Pisces(9th/outer/vertic.barrel)
osary F99v1 (roots/dark)
osaiin F102v (plant/dark leaves/light stem/dark base/light roots)
osaiiral Cancer (4th/inner/male?)
osal F88r red-brown roots, yellow stem/twig
osaraly F68v2r5 (follows star*)
osarsheee. Cancer (5th/outer/male?)
osy F86r (Western point of road? Btwn BL/ML)
ot dam F86r (BL 2nd interior word)
ot edy oto.. F86r (road? Between UR/MR next to southern castle)
ot.. F102v (plant/dark leaf) Leo (12th/inner) F86r (MC 10th interior word bottom)
otar arody F88v (plant /dark roots/dark flower/?grasses at top of root)
otarar F101v (plant/dark leaves/light stem/roots)
otar.r Pisces(19th/outer/vertic.barrel)
otarara.. F67v2 (NEfour faces connected by crossed line +) 
otaral Pisces(1st/horiz.barrel/facing right) 
otaraldy Taurus/d(7th/outer/no barrel)
otar aldy Gemini (1st/outer/no barrel)
otaran Gemini (11th/2nd carpet/dressed/male? Last two letters combined)
otaram F89v2 (plant light roots/flower)
otardy F67r2 (below moon 4/12)
otardaly F57v (nymph? western side facing forward)
otaro dlary orary F78r (vat with 7 nymphs below filter?)
otar shar Taurus/l(5th/inner/vertic.barrel)
otary Scorpio (2nd/inner)
otary F89v2 (plant category?/container)
otair dy Gemini (8th/outer/no barrel)
otair chody F89v2 (plant dark roots/leaf)
otairoroldy F69v2 (4th of nine sectors surrounding trees? with star)
otaiin Taurus/l(7th/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
otaiin otain Taurus/d(8th/outer/no barrel)
otaiKhy F89v1 (plant dark roots/leaf)
otainy Taurus/d(5th/inner/vertic.barrel)
otakaiman Aries/d(3rd/outer/vertic.barrel)
otal Gemini (1st/inner/no barrel)
otal F99v1 (roots/light)
otal Scorpio (7th/inner)
otal F101v (plant/dark conical leaves/flowers/light stem/dark roots)
otal ypcsaral Aries/d(10th/outer/vertic.barrel)
otala.m Pisces(17th/outer/vertic.barrel)
otalar Pisces(2nd/horiz.barrel/facing left)
otal arar Pisces(12th/outer/vertic.barrel)
otalaiin Taurus/l(4th/inner/vertic.barrel/dressed)
otalaiin Aries/d(2nd/inner/vertic.barrel)
otalaly Aries/l(1st/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
otalam Pisces(3rd/horiz.barrel/facing left)
otalam F99r1 (roots/dark/hairy)
otalam Gemini (16th/outer/possible male)
otalchy tar amdy Aries/d(1st/outer/vertic.barrel)
otald Pisces(6th/outer/vertic.barrel)
otaldar Pisces(7th/outer/vertic.barrel)
otaldar Aries/l(1st/inner/vertic.barrel)
otaldy F88r (plant category?/container layers from top to bottom: Green, Red, Yellow, Red, Red-brown, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow)
otaldy F99r1 (roots with bulb/light)
otaldy F101v (plant/light flower/dark leaves/root/light stem)
otaldy F67r1s1
otaldy Pisces(13th/outer/vertic.barrel)
otalef as ainam Taurus/d(9th/outer/no barrel)
otaleky Aries/l(7th/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
otalody Taurus/l(3rd/inner/vertic.barrel/dressed)
otalsy F89v3 (plant faded/dark leaf)
otalshy Gemini (4th/inner/no barrel)
otaly Pisces(11th/outer/vertic.barrel)
otaly F84r (flow between vats)
otaly Leo (10th/outer)
otaly yty Leo (1st/inner/coloured star)
otaly F88r six yellow roots, 5 stems, 1 green leaf
otaly Aries/d(5th/outer/vertic.barrel)
otaly Scorpio (1st/not in circle)
otaly Scorpio (2nd/outer)
otaly F99v1 (roots/dark)
otam Gemini (7th/inner/no barrel)
otaneaiin Cancer (6th/outer/star with tail)
otch. F86r (Northern point of road? Btwn BL/ML)
otchab F89v1 (plant light roots/lumpy base of stem/dark leaf)
otchdal Taurus/d(3rd/inner/vertic.barrel)
otchdo F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
otchdy F68v2r8 (precedes star)
otchdy F82v (below 2nd rainbow or stem/bottom of page)
otchdy F77r (nymph in tube)
otchdy F86r (ML 3rd of 8 points within circle)
otcheodar F68r2s17 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
otcheody Leo (6th/outer/star with tail)
otcho dar yky F69v2 (1st of nine sectors surrounding trees? with star)
otchodals Aries/d(7th/outer/vertic.barrel)
otchody Taurus/l(5th/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
otchoshy Taurus/d(2nd/inner/vertic.barrel)
otchy F69v3 (10th of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
otchy daiin Cancer (9th/outer/star with tail)
otdar shed F86r (inside space next to road? Btwn BM/BL)
otdardy F88v (plant /large light coloured root/dark leaves)
otear F100r1 (plant/dark triangular leaves)
otear araydy Aries/d(5th/inner/vertic.barrel)
oteal Gemini (10th/outer/1st carpet)
otechdy F82v (nymph)
otedaiin F86r (BL 5th interior word)
otedal F82v (end of a rainbow or stem/top of page)
otedal F86r (ML 1st of 8 points within circle) 
otedy F86r (BC eastern inside)
otedy Scorpio (3rd/not in circle)
otedy F82v (nymph)
otedy F84r (8th nymph in vat below grapes?)
oteeary Gemini (7th/outer/no barrel)
oteedal Scorpio (4th/outer/star with tail)
oteedy F86r (MC 7th interior word top)
oteedyg. Scorpio (11th/outer)
oteeed Virgo (12th/outer/star with tail)
oteeeor F68r2s14 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
oteeol Aries/l(4th/inner/vertic.barrel/dressed)
oteeory Scorpio (9th/outer)
oteesed Leo (10th/inner/star with tail)
oteeus arany F68v1
oteey dar F67r1s6
oteey F86r (inside space next to road? Btwn BL/ML)
oteey okaiin Cancer (12th/outer/star with tail)
oteey deeyl Leo (14th/outer)
oteeys F69v3 (5th of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
otedy F77r (part of tube)
otedy Sagitarius (10th/inner/writing in star --oiil?)
oteo alols araly Aries/d(3rd/inner/vertic.barrel)
oteoaldy Aries/l(4th/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
oteod Libra (12th/outer)
oteodain sam F68v1
oteodar Virgo (10th/outer)
oteody Sagitarius (2nd/not in circle)
oteody Sagitarius (3rd/not in circle)
oteoeey otal okeal ar Aries/d(4th/inner/vertic.barrel)
oteofy Libra (18th/outer)
oteol F100r1 (plant/dark roots/leaves)
oteol F69v3 (6th of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
oteolar Aries/l(5th/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
oteoly Libra (3rd/outer)
oteos F102v (plant?/cube - one dark side, three light sides)
oteos arar Aries/l(2nd/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
oteosar Pisces(6th/horiz.barrel/facing left)
oteotey sary Aries/l(10th/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
oteoys F68v2r5 (precedes star*)
otey Scorpio (1st/outer)
oto.. F77r (part of tube)
otoal F68r2s9 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
otor F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
otor shos F89v1 (plant large light roots/dark flowers)
otorain F89r1 (plant/roots only/light colour)
otoram F88v (plant category?/container)
otorchety F88r (plant category?/container)
otork F77r (part of tube)
otory F88v (plant /multiple dark roots/dark flower)
otory F102v (plant?/dark leaf? Head?)
otochedy F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
otodaly F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon) 
otodar F86r (BL 4th interior word)
otodaraj F57v (nymph? northern side facing away)
otodeeodor F102r (plant/enormous dark roots/4 dark leaves)
otodol F68v3 (Nebula page)
otody Pisces(5th/outer/vertic.barrel)
otody F69v3 (4th of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
otody F69v2 (2nd of six sectors inside star)
otoeeo F68r2s15 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
otokol F88v (plant /2 dark roots/dark leaves)
otoky F99v1 (roots/light/hairy)
otoky F88r (plant mostly root/dark colour with light coloured sprouts)
otoky F67r1s2
otol F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
otol csedy F77v (part of tube)
otol F102v (plant/dark leaf?light edges)
otol chcs otaly F68v1
otol shol dy F89v3 (large plant dark roots/dark flower)
otolar Taurus/l(4th/outer/vertic.barrel/dressed)
otolaiino F77r (nymph in tube)
otolal Pisces (star*((OPRAE or opoeae??)))
otolarol F89v3 (plant dark roots/large dark circular flower)
otolchchy F68r2s1 24 stars (weeks? Moon rules over sun)(gallows lands on 2nd 'ch')
otolchd Aries/l(5th/inner/vertic.barrel/dressed)
otolchdy Aries/l(2nd/inner/vertic.barrel/dressed)
otoldy F99v1 (plant category?/container)
otoldy F82v (jellyfish/flower?)
otoldy F89v3 (plant category?/container)
otoldy F89r1 (plant/three roots/hairy base of stem/dark flowers)
otoloaram Aries/l(3rd/inner/vertic.barrel/dressed)
otolor F67r2 (below moon 9/12)
otolor F77v (part of tube)
otolsar F99v1 (roots/beet?/light)
otoly F84r (11th nymph in vat below grapes?)
otoly F101v (plant/dark flower/leaves/stem/roots)
otos chy F99v1 (roots/light/dark center)
otoshy F68v2r2 (precedes star)
otoshol F68r2s21 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
otshey F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
otshshdy Aries/d(9th/outer/vertic.barrel)
oty Pisces(1st/outer/vertic.barrel)
oty ar Pisces(3rd/outer/vertic.barrel)
otyd. F88r (plant speckled root/dark triangular leaves?)
otydary F88v (plant /large light coloured root/dark leaves)
otydg F68r3 4 stars near Pleiades
otydy F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
otykchs F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
otys F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
osham Leo (2nd/outer)
oshey fydy Cancer (6th/middle)
oshodady Taurus/d(1st/outer/no barrel)
oydchy F68r2s10 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
oyteedy Scorpio (4th/inner)
porshols F102v (plant category?/label on container)
qkol F89r1 (plant/large light coloured root)
qokeoly Sagitarius (14th/outer)
qotoear F67r2 (below moon 11/12)
s chey et saiiny F99r1 (roots/dark/hairy)
s oral F77r (part of tube)
sararl F82r (nymph)
sarary F88r  yellow-brown coloured hairy root/green leaf)
sarady F69v3 (9th of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
saral F69v3 (7th of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
saraldal F83r (spray/seeds?)
saroral F77v (nymph in tube)
sarol F102v (plant/dark leaves)
sary F67v2s2.1 
sarchar daiindy F100r1 (plant/dark flowers/Brumbaugh's pepper)
sareecPhdy F86r (outside space next to road? Between UR/MR)
sary F99r1 (roots/light)
sary F99v1 (roots/dark)
sair am Pisces(10th/horiz.barrel/facing left)
sairaly F101v (plant/wormroot?/dark leaves/light stem)
saihy F102v (plant/dark leaf/dark triangular root?)
saiindy F86r (inside space next to road? between UL/ML)
saiino F99v1 (roots/light)
saiir F69v3 (8th of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
sair aroyser F68v1 (last two characters combined)
salal Gemini (2nd/inner/no barrel)
saldam F89r1 (plant/light coloured roots/dark leaves)
saloiin sheol F89v3 (plant large light roots/dark leaves)
salol F99r1 (roots/striped)
seeaiir F67r1s3
shchy F68r2s23 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
skeeal F99r1 (roots/dark)
sochorcFhy F100r1 (plant/dark arrow shaped leaves left of stem only)
sodar F89v3 (plant spotted? roots/dark leaves with light stripe)
soe dy F102v (label on bottom of container)
soeiin F67v2s1.1 
sofam F100r1 (plant/dark leaves)
soity F100r1 (plant/dark leaf? With white trim?)
sokoly F82r (nymph)
soleesos F100v1 (plant/light flower/berries?/dark leaves/light root)
solsy F100v1 (plant/dark leaves on right side of stem only)
soraly F101v (plant/dark leaves/light stem/roots)
sosaiir F67r1s5
sosam F100r1 (plant/dark leaf?)
sshy F86r (MC 4th interior word bottom)
sybols Pisces(7th/horiz.barrel/facing left)
sydarary F89r1 (plant/light coloured roots with heads/dark flower)
tal. F102v (plant/dark leaves/root/light stem)
todaraiily F68r2s6 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
toeeodchy F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
tol daiin F67r2 (below moon 3/12)
tolchd F100v1 (plant/dark flower/light pedals/dark root)
tolsasy F99r1 (plant/very large dark root/dark leaves/berries?)
tsholdy F99r1 (plant category?/label on container)
shdar F68r2s4* 24 stars (weeks? Moon over sun)
sheeos ocFhey Leo (12th/outer)
shek Scorpio (8th/inner/star with tail)
shekal Scorpio (10th/outer)
sheol Sagitarius (16th/outer)
sheol F89v2 (plant light roots/leaves)
shiry F68v2r2 (follows star)
shocKhey F100r1 (plant/top of plant?/dark flower?)
sholeey Leo (2nd/inner/star with tail)
ychoyk F69v3 (1st of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
ydashgarain F86r (sprouting? Toward MC from UR)
ydcPody F89r1 (plant/light coloured roots/dark flower (berries?))
ydy F84r (3rd nymph in vat below grapes?)
yfaiin y Sagitarius (8th/outer)
yfain F67r2 (moon9/dark coloured)
yfcheodly F69v2 (8th of nine sectors surrounding trees? with star)
ykairaiin airal Cancer (8th/middle/star with tail)
ykalairal Cancer (1st/outer/star with tail)
ykalg. F99r1 (plant category?/label on container)
ykam Leo (4th/outer/star with tail)
ykchdy F100v1 (plant/dark leaves/root)
ykchdy F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
ykchochdy F100v1 (plant/dark leaves/light roots)
ykchody Sagitarius (11th/outer)
ykeal F69v2 (6th of six sectors inside star)
ykeear Sagitarius (13th/outer)
ykeeary Scorpio (8th/outer)
ykeeepol F68v2r11 (precedes star)
ykeeody F67r1s9
ykeeodg Libra (20th/outer)
ykeeos Virgo (16th/outer)
ykees ary F67r1s4
ykeey Sagitarius (6th/inner)
ykeey F69v3 (1st of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
ykeor Sagitarius (3rd/outer)
ykeodar F67v1
ykeody Sagitarius (5th/outer)
ykeody F69v3 (9th of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
ykeolm cheotchy F99r1 (roots/light)
ykeou Scorpio (16th/outer)
ykey Sagitarius (5th/inner)
ykey Sagitarius (8th/inner)
ykeydy F69v3 (6th of 14 long logs in circle around 8point star)
ykocFhy F89r1 (plant category?/container)
ykolaiin Pisces(9th/horiz.barrel/facing left/hat/dressed?)
ykyd F89r1 (plant category?/container)
ypary F102v (plant/dark leaves/light roots with dark shading?)
ypary Cancer (3rd/inner)
ypaiin Sagitarius (7th/outer)
ypaiin alaly Cancer (8th/outer/star with tail)
ypaim Libra (7th/inner)
ypal Sagitarius (9th/inner/star held down)
ypal F86r (MC 2nd interior word bottom)
ypcholdy F102v (plant/dark leaves/roots/light stems/base)
ypchy F68v2r11 (follows star)
ypolol F69v2 (3rd of six sectors inside star)
ysaikchy dam F69v2 (3rd of nine sectors surrounding trees? with star)
ysaldal F67r2 (below moon1/12) 
yt dar F86r (top of road? between UL/ML) 
ytary F69v3 (2nd of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
ytaram F89v3 (plant faded/light leaf)
ytairal Cancer (3rd/middle/male?)
ytalshdy Taurus/d(5th/outer/no barrel)
ytaly Libra (16th/outer)
ytcheos aly F69v2 (9th of nine sectors surrounding trees? with star)
ytchodly F67r2 (below moon 6/12)
ytchody F68r1 29 stars (weeks? Sun over moon)
ytchol F100v1 (plant/dark leaves/light edge)
yteedy Virgo (10th/inner)
yteeody Scorpio (4th/not in circle)
yteo. Libra (13th/outer)
yteody Sagitarius (6th/outer)
yteody san F69v2 (6th of nine sectors surrounding trees? with star)
yteody Virgo (13th/outer)
ytoaiin F67r2 (moon6/dark coloured)
ytoar shar Cancer (5th/inner/crowned/1st star with tail)
ytodal F67r2 (below moon 2/12 no label above)
ytodaiir F67r1s7 
ytody F69v3 (3rd of 14 short logs in circle around 8point star)
ytokar F67r2 (below moon 8/12 no label above)
yty F101v (plant/dark leaves/stem/light roots)